We understand that enrolment and orientation is an exciting and emotional time for children and families, and often represents a family’s first experience with child care. You may be new to the centre the community and perhaps even the country. When managed sensitively and supportively, enrolment and orientation experiences can build the foundations for an ongoing partnership between the family and the service. Such partnerships enable services and families to work toward the common goal of promoting consistent quality outcomes for individual children and for the service as a whole.

Individualising Enrolment and Orientation

At Complete Kids we believe Flexibility and sensitivity are key factors in ensuring that children and families have positive enrolment and orientation experiences. It is important for us to consider the individual needs of children and families at this time, as well as any previous experiences that you may have had with children’s services.

When ‘personalising’ enrolment and orientation for your family we consider:

• Your needs in relation to work or other commitments. Some families may be limited in the amount of time they have available to participate in enrolment and orientation

• Your cultural and/or linguistic background.

• Your previous knowledge or experience of children’s services. Consider whether this was positive, or whether the care was of a different type to that offered by our service

• Any additional needs of your child and/or family

• Your child’s age and abilities

A family friendly enrolment and orientation process that is well organised, flexible and intent on facilitating opportunities for successful information exchange between the service and family will benefit everyone in this process.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to the high volume of administration, all enrolment forms must be 100% complete prior to care commencing with CK. This includes providing a current Immunisation Statement and where applicable, Allergy Plan, Medication and Court Orders.