A Day at Kinder

The children are able to access high quality care from 6:30 am at Complete Kids.

Our Kindergarten Program begins at 9:00 am, educators aim to meet each child’s individual needs for settling by providing opportunities for indoor and outdoor play, small group and individual activities.

Yarning Circle

We use the ethos of the aboriginal yarning circle as a base for our morning group time. Everyone has the right to contribute to the yarn, to voice their thoughts, ideas or concerns. Children are able to bring items from home to place in the rope yarn circle. These objects, a photo from a boat ride, a shell from the beach, a drawing, ticket stub are used to help the children to learn about listening and responding and sharing ideas.

Literacy and Numeracy Experiences

Each morning the children hang their photos on our “Tree” and we count how many children are present. Throughout the day there are opportunities to develop math skills through sorting, sequencing, matching and counting. There are always puzzles, blocks and other construction materials available.

We begin our day with a story planned by our educators to develop skills in other aspects of the program. This may include expressive arts, whole group discussions, dramatic play or sensory play. Educators take time during the day to sit with individuals or small groups in a book area and to visit the Complete Kids library.

Cognitive and Creative Play

Much of the day is allocated to the development of creative thought. Art experiences, role playing and construction materials foster imagination and strategies for problem solving.

Children participate as individuals or in small groups and whole group experiences take place every day. These may include movement to music, singing, group games, discussions or science experiments.

Physical Health and Well Being

Complete Kids offers breakfast, morning tea, a hot lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. All meals are prepared fresh in our kitchen. Meal times for are progressive, for example; children can choose when they are ready to eat during the lunch period.

Physically active play is highly valued and the kinder children participate in weekly Happy Feet health and fitness sessions. Our outdoor area provides opportunities to develop large muscle skills such as climbing, digging and ball handling.

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