Wombats, Platypus, Bilbies

Ages from 18 months/confident walker – 2.5yrs

We would like to welcome you to the Wombats (Phillip Drive), Platypus (Barkly Street) and Bilbies (Barkly Street)!

Our  qualified staff are passionate about education equal to quality care.

Within our young toddler rooms, we love to have lots of fun and our activities are aimed for enjoyment as well as development. Children are involved in lots of craft activities including painting, pasting and drawing – all aimed at developing fine motor skills and creativity. At Group Time we encourage singing and dancing for role play and imaginative play and to build self confidence. We also have sit down story time, which encourages children to concentrate and allows for resting. Puzzles, play dough, home corner, cars and blocks, water play, dress ups, puppets, dance and singing are just the start of many great activities that are provided in these rooms.

Things to remember:

• To sign your child in and out every day
• Your child’s sleep items such as; sleeping bag, blanket, dummy and comforter
• Made up, labelled, bottles of formula or expressed milk (if still having bottles)
• Your child’s bag with spare clothes
• A weather appropriate hat for outdoor play
• Please remember to label bottles and clothing

Our Wombats Room Leader is Haylee
Our Platypus Room Leader is Kate
Our Bilbies Room Leader is Dakota

Please feel free to talk with our Room Leaders, or any of our qualified staff, if you have questions or any ideas for our program.