We thank all of our wonderful families for their ongoing support and feedback

“The staff in the Gumnuts Room are exceptional. They are truly committed to knowing and caring for the children, and ensuring that they experience a loving and stimulating environment. ”

“It is clear the centre & staff adopt the belonging by inclusion philosophy. And also the learning through play, but I think it’s really important to highlight that you have a great balance & don’t just let the children go & roam unassisted… the most important comment for me was made by Steph (Barkly Street) at orientation, that the program at CK is ‘play based’ but each day there is ‘intentional learning’ activities organised for the children. You have provided the perfect blend and it proves you are providing a really important component to our children’s development when we can’t be there ourselves. ”

“The most professional and organised childcare centre I have had the privilege of being a part of. We have moved interstate & moved house 3 times, so this is our third centre & by far has the best leadership & management. Sound systems & organisation & resources in place! ” 

“I receive thorough feedback about the children’s day at each pick up. It shows me how much you care about the children. And also reflects the systems you have in place with regards to the rostering of permanent room staff. There is always a permanent staff member at drop off & pick up, which makes your feedback & communication outstanding! Both my children are sensitive & a new centre had potential to be really difficult for them, but the warm, friendly & caring attention the staff have given my children has been amazing. We all love the centre & the staff!! ”

“I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with the centre. Our son has settled in so well and comes home bright and happy each day. All the carers in his room (Galahs – Barkly Street) are just beautiful. They give great reports about his day telling me what he has been up to, from what they did and how settles to sleep. I’m loving the art work which comes home and the Mother’s Day gift was gorgeous. When he gave me the gift he said “You rub it on your hands!” I could see he had helped make the gift and it’s so wonderful to see the results of the activities through the day. I was so happy to see him playing a colour match game at pick up Thursday night. It’s been such an easy transition. Thank you so much”

“I think CK is FABULOUS. There has not been a day when my children have not wanted to come – in fact my 3yo cries when she cant come! Your programs, staff professionalism, cleanliness, quality of outdoor facilities and personal interaction with parents is outstanding. We feel so comfortable knowing our children are safe and genuinely cared for by your fabulous staff. I love that they show affection for our children and would certainly recommend the centre to others in Sunbury. ” 

“My husband and I have honestly not come across any employee that does not seem happy to be at work. ALL staff (cleaning staff included) regardless of which room they are in – always acknowledge us and are happy to have a chat. We are so impressed with the staff and the interest they show in our children. They always provide a clear run down of the day and are happy to make themselves available to chat further if required. It is evident to me that the centre has very clear expectations in place regarding this point and I think it has a huge (positive) impact on the culture of your organisation. ”

“I am really loving the Kookaburras Kinder program and how engaging it is for both kids and parents. I love receiving the updates about what is being learnt and my son is very engaged in the activities being undertaken. All Kookaburra teachers demonstrate a real warmth and care about the children’s coming and goings, and are keen to convey theses experiences with parents.  Madison has shown a genuine desire to ensure that the children are participating in a stimulating and engaging program.  Madison was very respectful and humble when I suggested an approach to my son, that would aid his separation from me in the mornings and this demonstrated the depth of care in ensuring individual needs were accommodated. Thank You”

“I love how the room is set up beautifully and attractive for the children.  All resources are clean, age appropriate and engaging. With the yard set up beautifully first thing in the morning, it’s nice to be able to let my son have the option of playing outside straight away since outdoor play is his favourite. I love that I see a consistent face every morning and that staff know that my son likes his breakfast when he arrives. Complete Kids is amazing. Thank you wonderful educators.” 

“Whether it is for chat at the front desk, greetings from kitchen staff or educators in a room, opportunities are created for listing to families with a genuine interest – and not  just a ticking boxes approach. Newsletters, relevant handouts and the tiqbiz app are all very appealing and create a sense of belonging. The fantastic menu, smells delicious when we arrive, and takes pressure off families as we know our child has had a well balanced meal during the day.”

“Love everything about Complete Kids! Awesome centre, amazing staff! I can’t speak highly enough of CK. Thank You to all staff!”

“The Staff at Complete Kids are amazing! With such lovely personalities and genuinely kind souls. Being met be lovely individuals at arrival and departure makes it much easier to leave my most cherished blessing for the day. The educational program you supply to my little one is fabulous! On a daily basis, coming home from the Joeys Room, our daughter has a better vocabulary, can count, recognise symbols, names and items that I had no idea she knew about. I appreciate that you take each child as they are and let them help choose what will be learnt or expanded on. The Centre is always clean and well maintained. The effort put into things like Book Week, Genes for Jeans, Crazy Hair Day, Pet Week, Red Nose Day, etc is incredible. The centre is always set up for the children to have the best experience! It is reflected in the staff, the centre and how happy the kids seem to be.  In regards to the menu, I think the kids eat better than we do! Knowing that different flavours and foods are introduced to the children to try and broaden their tastes is great!”

“The twins love coming to “Kinder” and talk about all the things they do each day. The staff have been fantastic in letting them settle in this year at their own pace. Communication is excellent ! It has especially been important whilst toilet training and we’ve managed to get through 1.5 weeks quite easily & with little fuss. A Big Thank You to all the staff in the joeys room for helping the twins through this HUGE milestone… we have Big Kids now!! Thank you.” 

“We just wanted to say Thank You for all of your wonderful help with Ella over the years (and now our little Chloe)! Your professionalism, enthusiasm, activities and genuine love of all things children is truly to be admired. We are very fortunate that our girls get to have so much fun with you all (and learn lots)! Thank You. Steph and Dale ”

“Complete Kids has helped shape Harry into the confident funny sensitive wonderful little chap he is. All the carers he has had have been amazing and I cant praise CK highly enough. I have stayed in Sunbury for the past two years only because of CK as it has been an important constant for Harry. A huge thank you to you and all your staff over the last three years, your support and kindness has quite literally been a life saver.”

“Staff are absolutely fantastic! My daughter raves about Maz and Karyn in particular and loves going to Kinder. She wishes she could go everyday.” July 2014

” So happy to be involved in Complete Kids. Often hear when I’m out, other parents talking about Childcare. CK always comes up as the best and “the one” to be at. But ohh its so hard to get in! Keep up the great work”  July 2014

“Lucca has developed so much in her time with you, this is a testament to the quality of care and education you provide. Congratulations on your recent accreditation rating. You’ve all worked so hard to achieve this for the children, not for a government body. Many thanks for your time, energy and effort.” June 2014

“We are extremely impressed with Stephanie (3/4) and what she is teaching. Especially the sign language she is teaching the kids which Chase is then teaching to his brother and sister. Also my husband was very proud while watching the NRL when our son joined in singing every word of the Australian Anthem.” May 2014

“We feel so lucky to have our boys here. When our family needed support we had it from Katie and the centre. CK gets a 10/10 from us. The boys are doing so well growing, learning and most importantly, having fun. Thank you”. May 2014

“I would just like to say a huge Thank you to you and your team for being exceptional at what you do. My son has moved into the Wombats Room this year and he absolutely loves being there. As his parent, I am so appreciative of Jess and her team and how they care for him. Jess, Rachael, Lauren and James are always welcoming, friendly, able to have a chat and willing to be proactive rather then reactive to situations and  behaviours that arise. I would also like to thank the staff in the Gumnuts who really helped and aided my child to move into the next room so well. Thank you Teena and her team. I know my son is outgoing and probably wouldn’t have an issue in moving but its just nice to know that he was given the support to make that transition into another environment so well. ”  Feb 2014