Transition to School

Starting school is a major life transition for children and their families. We recognise that this change can be both challenging and exciting and that families want to know that the children are ready to learn at school by the end of the kinder year.

At Complete Kids we aim for a shared understanding between our educators and families.

  • We conduct parent/teacher interviews at the start of the year to gain knowledge about the children’s backgrounds and previous experiences and to develop shared ideas and expectations of the kinder year.
  • Further parent/teacher interviews are conducted throughout the year both formally and informally to ensure parents are up to date on the developmental progress of their children.
  • Information sessions are held during the year to provide opportunities for parents to engage in aspects of learning and teaching.

Many of our Kinder experiences help prepare children for their time at school.

  • Children borrow books from our Complete Kids library during Term 4
  • Enjoy walks outside the centre.
  • Incursion experiences include dance and drama, animal interactions, puppetry, health and safety, community workers and museum experiences.
  • Special persons’ evenings to celebrate Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day.
  • During fourth term the children bring their morning tea in lunch boxes.
  • End of year concert at Killara School Theatre (for our Phillip Drive families).
  • We make many visits to Killara Primary School and join in different aspects of school life: art room, library, classrooms, music and P.E. sessions, the canteen and playground.
  • Children and teachers from local schools visit our kinder sessions.

The Kindergarten teachers complete transition statements, these describe the children’s learning and help Prep teachers gain an understanding of the children’s strengths prior to them starting school.