Perfect Score

We would like to Congratulate our Kitchen Staff for an exceptional job in our Kitchen and throughout our centre.
We recently had our annual Health Audit and the auditor couldn’t find one fault and commented that in all services, for all visits, it has been 12 months since he awarded a 100% perfect score!
Congratulation to Marion (Maz) and Aletta (Mumma Aletta) and to all of our Staff.

Sharing in the gift of giving!

Our Foyer is overflowing with Food and Toy donations for our Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

We would like to Thank our families for being, once again, so generous and sharing with us in the gift of giving.

We wish all of you a Happy and Safe Christmas filled with lots of big belly laughs and precious moments

Thank You

Our Koala Kinder Concert

Our Koalas put on a fantastic show for all of their families performing songs from Jingle Bells to their very own version of Frozen’s “Let it Go”.
Every Koala brought their own individual flare, from those who had all the dance moves to those who belted out every lyric. From the sleepy heads (who were worn out from all the excitement), to those who hid behind their reindeer masks giggling. The show was full of laughs and many adorable moments.

We hope all of our families enjoyed the show.

Happy Christmas!