(Image from Sunbury Leader Newspaper – March 2015)

Aletta (Mumma Aletta) is one of our Complete Kids cooks and is famous amongst the children for her great Lolly Sports program (as well as her cooking).
Aletta has signed up to run 90km in South Africa, her home country, and has begun a fundraiser for the charity Very Special Kids.
“This idea came to me after many sleepless nights and wanting to use my talent (running) for something that would assist sick children. I have a passion for running and also for children so it made sense to me to put the two together.”
“Working at Complete Kids and with the little ones, made me think how privileged we all are to have healthy and happy children. I have always wanted to ’give back’ as I myself have had a sick child and understand just how terrifying this time can be. My daughter was born with only one lung and, at that time, the doctors didn’t think she would make it out of hospital. After one month at ICU (Neonatal) Lize-Mari came home however, was then admitted a further 24 times by between birth and 3 years old. The doctors advised that Lize-Mari would not be able to exert herself in things like sports including running, so I decided right then and there, that I would run for her. And I have never stopped. Lize-Mari is now a very healthy and happy 20 year old and she inspires me every day.”

All money raised will go to the charity Very Special Kids and The Glen Osman Farm. The Glen Osman Farm is located in Woodend and was donated by an elderly couple who purpose built two holiday cottages for families with sick children to enjoy. “With sometimes huge medical expenses, these families otherwise would not be able to afford a holiday and the Glen Osman Farm offers these cottage for free. Harley Davidson Brunswick (a club my husband is involved with) also do fundraising activities to support the farm, maintain the gardens, assist with expenses and carry out maintenance. Every dollar I raise will make a difference to these families.”
Aletta is set to go to South Africa in May this year and has already begun her intense training. The run will take more or less 10 hours to complete and is an uphill run!

Donations can be left at our Complete Kids office, just see our friendly office staff Lauren, Katie and Harmony or call 9740 2111 for further information.

Thank You